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Organic multi-grain mash bills. Brewing yeasts. Seriously long fermentations.
Modern English Whisky
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Flavour First

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Our distillery in the heart of Bristol is considered to be "Britain's most innovative distillery" (- Master of Malt). Our highly motivated team work long and hard to get as much great flavour into their spirits as they possibly can. To achieve this we use our 'flavour first' approach. This means that all decisions in the distillery consider flavour above all else. Within our ‘flavour first’ approach is the principle of layering flavours. To create these layers of flavour we use multi-grain mash bills, brewing yeasts and seriously long open fermentations. The casks add the final layers. This approach has had some unexpected results, the most significant being that we dont make single malt...

...,but there is much more to whisky than single malts!


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If you cant do something sustainably its questionable whether you should be doing it at all.

We take sustainability very seriously and we can prove it. We are certified by the Biodynamic Association as an organic producer and certified by Carbon Neutral Britain as a carbon neutral business.

We hate waste. All of our used grains are sent to a local farm as cow feed. We also accept bottles returned to us for reuse, offer 5L refill cartons to all our on-trade customers and much more.
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Cask Ownership

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We are extremely lucky to be able follow our spirits on their maturation journey whilst in cask. We would like to share that experience with as many people as possible, so we ensure there are always cask shares available to purchase from us on Still In Cask. Share owners join us on the casks maturation journey getting regular updates before receiving their share after the bottling date.
Still In Cask

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